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‘Enrol domestic workers for social security’

Minister of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda has urged employers, particularly those employing domestic workers, to register their workers  for social security as Government aspires to ensure that the informal sector accesses the service.
Mr Shamenda said it has been observed that the country has a large informal sector which lacks access to social security.
He said Government plans to reform the social security system to capture the informal sector.
“Zambia has a large informal sector and it is the wish of Government to cover them through provision of social security so that they do not become destitute in old age,” he said.
Mr Shamenda said this when he officiated at the commissioning of National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) branch in Chongwe on Monday.
He urged NAPSA to increase its reach to other parts of the country, particularly the new districts.
“NAPSA’s presence in the new districts will help to speed up development in those places which have remained without good infrastructure for good service delivery.
“It will also help to bring down the cost of doing business as currently employers and workers have to travel long distances at great cost to access services,” he said.
At the same occasion, NAPSA board chairman Teddy Mulonga said the authority is committed to opening more offices across the country in line with the strategic plan that, among others, aims at ensuring an efficient social security system.
“We will continue to conduct our business particularly in the area of investments, maintaining sound and prudent investment practices while fully rendering support to Government and indigenous Zambian institutions,” he said.
Earlier, NAPSA managing director Charles Mpundu said the authority has so far opened 25 branches since the establishment of the authority in 1966.
And Government says prudent management of resources from various public institutions has resulted in the massive infrastructure development in the country, which will spur social-economic development.
Mr Shamenda said Government remains committed to enhancing development through investment in infrastructure and continue to encourage public institutions to invest in infrastructure.
Mr Shamenda said this when he officiated at the commissioning of the NAPSA branch in Chisamba on Tuesday. The Chisamba branch brings the number of branches to 26 since the authority’s establishment.