Engineers push for solar geysers

THE Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) says Government must compel new housing estates to use solar water geysers and existing households should be given time to implement this as a short-term solution to the current power deficit.
EIZ is, therefore, calling on Government to issue a Statutory Instrument (SI) to this effect.
Speaking at a press briefing yesterday, EIZ president Bernard Chiwala said the IS will compel people to use solar water geysers and, in turn, help in saving power as Government tackles the energy deficit.
“Government should issue an IS directing that all new housing estates use hybrid solar water geysers for heating water, and that existing households should be given a fixed period to migrate to hybrid solar geysers,” Mr Chiwala said.
He also urged people in low and medium density areas to switch off non-essential loads such as geysers, household elements and swimming pool pumps, while industries should consider switching to solar energy.
He said the public should be encouraged to use energy-efficient equipment such as lamps and that Zesco must continue sensitising people on the use of energy-saving bulbs.
Mr Chiwala further said the practice of switching off lights in offices during the day when there is adequate sunshine should be encouraged and regular checks must be done.
EIZ also suggests that Zesco should conduct energy audits in industry with a view to encouraging efficient use, and where possible, support power projects under construction.
In the medium term, the Zambezi River Authority should institute hydrological studies on the Zambezi River basin to establish long-term rainfall pattern, and identify competing water needs, and how they will affect power generation.
Mr Chiwala said in the long term, all current studies for generation and transmission projects must be accelerated to ensure there is a basket of well-planned projects for development.
This includes generation projects, some of which are in pre-construction phases, which must be supported and accelerated.

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