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Empower women with ICT – PS

POVERTY is among the factors negatively affecting women in accessing information and communications technology (ICT) in Zambia.
Central Province permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale said this recently in Kabwe during commemoration of this year’s World Press Freedom Day.
“Most of us women are ICT illiterate because of poverty,” Ms Mutale said when she presented a paper on “Media and Gender Equality in Digital Age: Perspective of a Gender Activist”.
Ms Mutale noted that the onset of information technology inventions has assisted in creating a digital revolution and therefore women, irrespective of their social status, should not be left behind.
Ms Mutale said poverty should be addressed, and that efforts should be made to ensure that women from different walks of life are provided with gadgets and technologies that will enable them access ICT.
She said the positive implication of the digital age is that information is easily transmitted and shared among many people globally.
She also said digital technology has opened up opportunities, improved communication and education, and access to information.
“We (women) should be seeking to understand modern technological trends so that we are not left behind,” she said.
Ms Mutale also said that social networks should be used to advance the welfare of women and not perpetuate gender stereotyping.
She said it is sad that the media portrays women in the negative, which is why some sections look at women as sexual objects and lesser human beings.
Ms Mutale also urged women to aim high in different spheres of life to excel and contribute to the development of the country.
Ms Mutale implored women not be deterred by discouragements, unwarranted criticisms or gender stereotypes but aspire to advance themselves.

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