Letter to the Editor

Empower local contractors

Dear editor,
IT’S important to do introspection and see where we are and how we can move forward.
This is a true genesis of long-term, long-lasting solutions. BuyZed campaign is a product of introspection about our country. It’s a “special purpose vehicle” that seeks home-grown solutions to our challenges.
Just a couple of days ago I received a long message from a Mr Simwinji, who strongly felt BuyZed doesn’t make sense. My heart bled profusely and I asked myself why we see things differently.
I guess it’s understandable as we are different beings, but what made me personally happy is that at the end of it all we agreed for the best of the country and that a lot needed to be done for ours to be great, and Mr Simwinji, God willing, I would like him to be a resource person in this campaign.
We face challenges as a country and our view has always been that local players must be at the forefront to help alleviate the challenges as this in turn creates opportunities for jobs and upliftment of our country’s status.
Just recently the Lundazi bridge was washed away by rains. It’s an “emergency” and the obvious challenge is that the national “purse” is stretched. I can imagine that Government can only mitigate and create human crossing points.
But it’s much more than that. The economic impact to the area is worrying as vehicles cannot pass through easily to move goods and passengers.
One big lesson is that, if we had deliberately capacitated our local players in the past 10-15 years to date, we could not be having problems of searching for foreign multinationals that have the financial capacity to come and deal with the emergency at hand. Let’s start doing it now.
Founder, BuyZed Campaign

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