Employ more women, says Lungu


PRESIDENT Lungu has deplored male chauvinism and directed road contractors to employ more women as a way of empowering families and the nation as a whole.
Mr Lungu said empowering women with jobs is key to ensuring that families are properly taken care of and that he was against women being looked down upon despite their efforts to nurture families.
The President said this here yesterday when he inspected the 175-kilometre Luwingu-Mansa road being constructed by China Henan at a cost of over US$290 million.
“I want you to favour more women and give them jobs because when women work and earn, they take the money to the family. This is unlike men, who first waste some money by spending it elsewhere outside the family,” he said.
The head of State also urged the contractor to “look after the workers” and ensure they are paid on time so that they are motivated.
President Lungu has warned contractors against speedy works which compromise the quality of key infrastructure such as roads.
He said works on key infrastructure must be done accurately and within the recommended time, frame and using the specified material quantities.
Mr Lungu is, however, impressed with the road works so far undertaken.
The President said this after Bari Zambia resident engineer Mojit Saha informed him that the Luwingu-Mansa road works are six months ahead of schedule.
“I hope you are not compromising on the quality of work being undertaken because when you are done and gone, we may have big problems, so, we may keep you longer so that we hold you accountable. Do not be quick to work so that you can impress us and compromise the quality of work,” said Mr Lungu.
And Mr Saha said the road works commenced in October 2013 and are scheduled for completion in June 2016 instead of the initial schedule of February 2017.
He said 21 sub-contractors have been engaged and that 700 local people have been employed to undertake the multi-million dollar road project. Road Development Agency board chairperson Samuel Mukupa described the road works as impressive and “beyond expectation.”
Mr Mukupa said the RDA is also happy with the contractor’s corporate social responsibility describing it as “second to none.”

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