Letter to the Editor

Employ Chinese-speaking Zambians

Dear editor,
GOVERNMENT should consider employing China-trained graduates in key government institutions to help in project monitoring and implementation, more especially that our construction industry is more than 80 percent dominated by Chinese firms.

Last week, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Eddie Chomba, was infuriated after discovering the manner in which Avic International Construction Company is treating Zambians working for the firm.

According to Radio Phoenix, Mr Chomba was inspecting a project by AVIC and found Zambians being given food like dogs.
When he tried to get an explanation from the Chinese foreman, the latter refused to speak saying he couldn’t understand English.
Government should employ Chinese-speaking Zambians in key institutions. Like was the case here, Mr Chomba should have gone with a Chinese-speaking Zambian to inspect the project by AVIC.
Then the issue of language barrier would not have arisen.

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