Emmanuel Singogo: Education makes life better

The just-ended Global Hand washing Day celebrations in Muyembe village in Chief Chisunka’s chiefdom brought to the fore an assortment of talent from various groups of people.
Some sang, others performed sketches while others showcased their dancing skills which are a pride of the traditional Chisunka Chiefdom.
Among the dancers who mesmerised the crowd with their cultural antiques were pupils from Chisunka Basic School of which 15-year-old Emmanuel Singogo was part.
Emmanuel, a grade nine pupil of Chisunka Basic School says almost everyone in the chiefdom is highly skilled in dancing adding that pupils in Schools are also taught traditional dances so that they can know more about their culture.
“Sometimes, we are required to entertain people with our dances at occasions such as this one and it is also an opportunity for us to show off our culture,” he says.
Emmanuel who is the last born in a family of eight says despite their humble background, he is proud to say they have all been through school.
Above all things, the adolescent views school to be very important and from his observation, without education, life can be very difficult.
Hardships of life in the village have created a drive within him to work hard and eventually become what he has always dreamed of; a male Nurse.
“When you are educated, life is not that hard and you can at least help your parents,” he says.
Emmanuel says the reason he wants to be a nurse is because he wants to help the sick.
Whenever he sees people agonising with sickness, Emmanuel says he is gripped with compassion and always feels like reaching out to them.
About his thought on early marriages and pregnancies among young people, Emmanuel says some of his peers engage in such vices because they have no one to pay their school fees.
Emmanuel adds, others drop out because their families are experiencing abject poverty hence they cannot afford to pay their fees.
He says others just lose interest along the way and drop out of school subsequently getting married or falling pregnant.
Emmanuel however sounds a warning to his colleagues that engaging in sex leads to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies.
Favourite subject: English
Hobbies: Reading
How do you spend your weekends: On Saturdays, I help my parents with tilling and planting our fields and on Sundays, I go to church.
Who is a wise child?: One who is obedient and takes correction from elderly people.
Desire: To go to college and study Nursing.

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