‘Embrace local products’

Prepaid water meter.

WATER companies should support the local manufacturing industry by buying pre-paid meters and other accessories that are of high quality, Zambia Electrometer marketing manager Joo Chunga has said.
In an interview recently, Mr Chunga said Zambian water utilities need to stop having the notion that anything produced locally is inferior as this will not promote the manufacturing base.
He said the products manufactured by Zambia Electrometer are of high quality and have attracted interest in the sub-region.
“Our pre-paid water meters have been welcomed in Tanzania and Malawi and we are looking forward to entering the Zimbabwean and Mozambican markets.
“In Zambia, only Mulonga Water has embraced our pre-paid meters, the rest prefer to get from outside. [But] when they develop a fault, they come to us…If the manufacturing industry is to grow, there is need to support us by getting those products locally,” Mr Chunga said.
Zambia Electrometer is still building capacity and currently produces 180,000 pre-paid water meters annually.
He said initially, the company started operations with production of pre-paid electricity meters with Zesco Limited being the major customer. However, North Western Energy has come on board.

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