Elisabeth, hubby full of love

GOSPEL singer Elisabeth on Wednesday released a love song titled I Love You, a song featuring her husband Wayne and themed around Valentine’s.
Elisabeth says she took advantage of Valentine’s Day when everyone is in the zone of love but their intention for the song is to go beyond.

She explained that the song is encouraging people who are married or in love to express their love for each other all the time instead of doing so only on Valentine’s Day or any such commemorations.

“My husband and I wrote this song, we write a lot of love songs for each other that we never release but we decided this time to release one because we got married in August which is like six months and we realised something, there are a lot of people who have the wrong definition of love,” Elisabeth explained.
“You find people get married for wrong reasons maybe to have someone to help them wash, to clean and they don’t share those few moments of saying I love you every day. So, we’re trying to help such people to always express their love for each other every day. That’s the story behind the song, just us expressing our love for each other and hoping everyone else who is in love can do that every day.”
The song was produced at Sunnet Studios and the video was done by Lekke Films, a subsidiary of Sunnet Studios.
Elisabeth says she will this year be engaged in a lot of events speaking to young girls on issues such as marriage but will also be releasing more videos and singles.
“There will be a few releases like this one if the occasion calls for it. I can’t say or give details because it depends, if we see the need to do any single, then yes, we’ll definitely do that. So I guess we’ll have to use the element of surprise but more music videos of what has been recorded already,” she says.
“Just to add, there’s a notion of how Christians have talked about love songs. God is the one who ordained marriage, he is love himself so if we ourselves don’t sing about love to each other the way God wants us to do it, then who else will do it for us.
“So, I feel we shouldn’t be bound by the rules of the world when it comes to what should be done but what is God saying, how should we express this love.”


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