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Elijah Chikwanda extolled

Dear editor,
I have been trying to select which words can best suit the honour that I can give to this man. This gentleman, a very humble man, pragmatic and without hate for people, the man who knows no pretence or betrayal.
A very good midfield player he was. He saw me grow up into the man I am and has always been there to offer advice.
When I was a young boy in Ndola, he and my brother Stone Nyirenda went to the same school and played football in the same school team. They were good friends and were there for each other. My friends and I named him “Simple”. A name he never knew. Maybe up to now he doesn’t know we gave him this nick name. We called him Simple because of his style of play. He liked a one touch play and was very creative in midfield.
The man went on to play for Luanshya United, Roan United, Lusaka Tigers, and Green Buffaloes.
He has coached among many teams MOF, Lusaka Dynamos, Green Eagles, Livingstone Pirates, Nico United and BDF in Botswana.
This man has a touch of gold. Wherever he has gone, he has turned around fortunes of those clubs. Now he has just proved beyond doubt that he is just a man of football.
He has just turned Nkwazi a team that was shuttling from premier to Division 1, into one that can contest for honours.
Ladies and gentlemen, stand up for the great man Elijah Chikwanda.
My brother, Elijah, we have had chats together; talking about family, which you never forget asking how they are doing. We have talked on many things and how things can be improved in many aspects.
Today, I want you to know that I have always taken your words seriously and if there is any little success you and any other person may detect in me, it has been because of your timely pieces of advice. “Simple” mudala, you are a good dictionary of life. I pray that God shall always stand close to you.
I am still learning from you my big brother.
That is why today i am glad to honour you as a soccer guru and life coach.