Elephants displace 50 households

ELEPHANTS in the Kafue National Park are very aggressive as a result of rampant poaching. The ones in the Luangwa Valley are friendly because of a more relaxed attitude between people and elephants.

OVER 50 households in Chirwa Ward in Ngabwe district have fled their villages after an elephant invasion.
Ngabwe District Council chairperson Tshili Mizinga said the settlers in three villages in Malipilo fishing camp left upon seeing an increase of elephants disturbing their normal lives.
“The people have fled their villages in Malipilo fishing camp in Chirwa ward, which is one of the biggest fishing camps in Ngabwe. Here we are talking about over 50 households,” Ms Mizinga said.
She said in an interview on Friday that the elephants are from Kafue National Park

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