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Egg supplier goes into organic fertiliser production

A LUSAKA-BASED egg producing farm with over 165,000 chickens has started making organic fertiliser.
Chicol Estates Limited, which started rearing chickens 10 years ago, has decided to start making fertiliser from chicken droppings as a sustainable way of disposing off the chicken manure.
Currently, the farm is producing between 10 and 20 tonnes of fertiliser per day.
The estate, which produces 4,500 trays of eggs per day and has huge heaps of manure, is also considering to venture into electricity production from the chicken droppings, especially that tariffs will now be cost reflective.
Speaking on Tuesday when Minister of Agriculture Given Lubinda and his deputy Maxas Ng’onga toured the farm, Chicol Estates proprietor Aaron Chungu said the farm had initially challenges to dispose of the manure.
“After careful consideration, we decided to start producing fertiliser pellets using effective micro-organism , which is a Japanese concept, and we applied it on our gardens and lawns, then we sent samples to the University of Zambia laboratory and the results were positive.
“We have plans to start large scale production once we establish a plant outside this farm since there are bio-safety concerns here where we rear the chickens,” he said.
The organic fertiliser whose brand name is ‘chicola’ is pelleted, pure, natural compacted poultry manure with no chemical supplements and is made from 100 per cent composted chicken manure.
Later, Mr Lubinda advised the estate to partner with Natural Resources Development College to use the land near the great east road and demonstrate crops grown under organic fertiliser.
Mr Lubinda also directed Zambia Agriculture Research Institute to validate the chicola brand and conduct cost benefit analysis.
“This is an important idea and government stands ready to support it, we may even consider using organic fertiliser to some beneficiaries of FISP since we are spending a lot of money on fertiliser imports,” he said.

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