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Effective land use key

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA under men and women of a very humble educational background helped by the colonialists saw proper land use.Findeco House situated on Cairo Road in Lusaka city built long ago has stood the test of time and contrasts with some new structures being built on ChaChaCha Road near Kulima Tower building.
One was built when Zambia was being born while the other one is being built now in the 21st century.
My advice to those contestants for the mayoral position is to give specific building plans for the CBD before it runs out of developmental land.
Recently we saw Government conducting a market sounding at Government Complex were idle and bare land is being earmarked for construction of high rise office and residential properties which translates to maximum land use.
Do these people get approval from the local authority before they start building?
Founder BuyZed campaign, Lusaka