Education sector improving – Mabumba

David Mabumba

DEPUTY minister of Education David Mabumba says Government is committed to improving the education sector as evidenced by the upgrading of primary schools into secondary schools.
Mr Mabumba said Nalituwe and Mulwani primary schools will be among the 22 primary schools that will be upgraded to secondary schools in Southern Province.
He was speaking in Livingstone recently when he addressed teachers from various schools.
Mr Mabumba advised teachers to brace themselves for the improved education sector by upgrading their educational qualifications.
He said a lot of primary schools are in the process of being upgraded into secondary schools in a bid to increase secondary school places and reduce the drop-out rate due to limited places.
The deputy minister said in addition, Government is constructing learning institutions ranging from secondary schools and universities countrywide.
Mr Mabumba also said his ministry is committed to developing the early childhood sector to ensure that pupils are given a proper education foundation from a young age.
He, however, commended the private sector for taking a lead in providing early education, adding that private schools should continue supplementing Government efforts in improving education standards.

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