Education moves from disease to sex hurdle

AS SCHOOLS prepare to reopen on Monday after months of a lull caused by coronavirus, the education system faces another hurdle, albeit a moral and social one this time.
Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) should be withdrawn from the Zambian school curriculum because it has potential to transform pupils into prostitutes and sex maniacs, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has said.
CSE aims to give learners knowledge, attitude, skill and values to make appropriate and healthy sexual choices.
But EFZ board chairperson Bishop Paul Mususu says the subject can corrupt the minds of children.
Bishop Mususu told a press briefing yesterday that Government should have consulted widely before implementing the programme.
“Yesterday [Thursday], we delivered a letter to the office of Honourable Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga and a copy of the same to Honourable minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs [Godfridah Sumaili]. – CLICK TO READ MORE

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