Letter to the Editor

Education Minister commended for leakage-free exams

Dear editor,
Allow me space in your paper to commend the Education Minister and the Director ECZ for conducting leakage free examinations in the GCE June and School certificate October /November examinations.

This is brace to the two men who have worked hard to ensure that the 2014 double header examinations were leakage -free!
This means that the boys and girls who will get between 6 and 12 points will walk with their heads and shoulders high knowing that they sweated for the results. Likewise, in colleges and universities they will obtain genuine distinctions and in the long run the nation will have right men and women doing the right things in the right places and finally production will increase because we are going to a generation of hardworking men and women.
Once again I say thumbs up to Dr John Phiri and The Director ECZ. May God grant you many years so that we continue to have generations of leakage –free examinations. The brace you have scored is a perfect Birthday present to mother Zambia as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee.  Go, go Minister and as teachers we are proud of you!!!

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