Education, hard work key to success – Central minister

CENTRAL Province Minister Sydney Mushanga has urged pupils in the region to prioritise education for them to have a bright future.
Mr Mushanga said Government has created an enabling environment for young people to access education.
“Government attaches great importance to education because education is the only key to success in life,” he said.
Mr Mushanga said recently when he addressed pupils at Kafushe Secondary School that people should not be discouraged by their family background but focus on their education.
He counselled pupils who are orphans and have single parents to be positive and concentrate on their education.
“Your dream of becoming engineers, teachers, MPs, ministers, presidents or vice-presidents can only come to pass if you work hard and put God first in whatever you do,” Mr Mushanga said.
He urged teachers to teach their pupils and care for them because they have the responsibility of helping them to succeed with their education.
“Teachers, the pupils you have here, see them as your children,” Mr Mushanga said.
Meanwhile, Mr Mushanga has commended the administration at Kafushe Secondary School for keeping the learning institution clean.
Mr Mushanga said the school is one of the cleanest in Central Province.
“If there are two schools in Central Province that are clean, your school should be one of them.
“I am encouraging you to [continue keeping] your school clean. Keep your gardens and surroundings clean because cleanliness is next to godliness,” Mr Mushanga said.

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