Letter to the Editor

Education curriculum should embed managing finances

Dear editor,
I AM a concerned citizen who has seen some mistakes in the education system we have in Zambia. There is something missing that should have been brought to the table by now.
Education isn’t wrong. What makes it inefficient is when you are missing ‘financial education.’
The education system in Zambia and world over teaches learners to become slaves by being employees and not employers, finding ourselves in the rat race where we have a lot of expenses and eventually into debt.
It is high time that we have a check on the education system.
I looked at what the rich have to say about the education system and all of them say that school teaches people the wrong things. There is no ‘financial education’ being taught to our learners.
It’s high time that we re-visit our curriculum and see areas of education we should focus on.
One learner told me most of his friends that come from families that are capable of affording their lifestyles don’t pay attention when teachers are teaching because they aren’t taught what they want to be taught but are forced to learn what they don’t want or don’t have interest for.
I then realised that it would be wrong of me to judge kids when they haven’t performed well because we don’t give them what they want or our system doesn’t equip them with that information.
It’s time for change in our education system. Let’s not blame our children when they don’t perform well.
There is need for change.
Let’s introduce financial education in our curriculum and have some of the already existing contents edited to suit our current needs.

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