Economics no longer field only for men

FOR Tapuwa Jani, who emerged best Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) graduating student from the 2021 class at Mulungushi University, her challenge has been how the economics field has been misunderstood to be a men’s programme. “[Many believe] that it is too involving for females to grasp and practise. There has also been a misconception of limited career prospects for the programme,” Tapuwa shares. A Relevant Accountable Responsible and Ethical (RARE) graduate, Tapuwa says economics offers multiple career prospects in the corporate world. These include business and data analysis, investment banking, general accounting, development management, human resource management, economic research, and labour relations in the wide and diverse field of economics. Reflecting on university life, she says study expectations were challenging and at times it felt overwhelming. “But looking back, I realise it was a precursor, a dress rehearsal for the corporate world ahead of me. “The tight deadlines, the balance between social and academic life, and the pressure to always better one’s marks in exams have prepared me for rigorous expectations in the corporate environment,” Tapuwa says. The old adage “failure to plan is planning to fail” was a constant reminder that guided her work routines. “I made plans and I will ensure that as I enter the corporate world, I will enhance and deepen my ability to plan and execute set plans. Every time I felt overwhelmed, I put my trust in God and worked twice as hard to succeed,” she recounts. Tapuwa has a word for her course mates and the girl-child. “To my fellow female scholars and fellow young ladies out there, my advice is go and pick something you love, work hard for it and success will define you. Let us break the mindset barriers and focus on hard work,” Tapuwa shares. “To Indo- Zambia Bank, a big thank you for the most fitting award which has motivated me and ignited a fire within me to keep performing at my very best,” she says of the co-owned financial institution by Zambia and India. “This award will always be a reminder that excellence and hard work are the ladders to stay ahead of the pack and stand out.” Inspiration Tapuwa’s greatest inspiration is her mother, Betty Banda, who she describes as a hard-working and strong woman. “I am extremely inspired by her ability to set goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. Furthermore, I am equally inspired by phenomenal women such as Professor Helicy Ng’ambi and Dambisa F Moyo, amongst many hard-working women,” she says. Prof Ng’ambi, a household name in the education sector in Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, United States of America, and a holder of several influential positions in CLICK TO READ MORE

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