Eastern, Southern, Luapula record high drop-outs number

THE Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) has named Southern, Luapula and Eastern as Provinces with a high number of children that have dropped out of school due to various socio-economic challenges.
ZANEC executive director Grace Manyonga says statistics indicate that a high number of children in the three provinces are out of school for various reasons such as early marriages, rampant child pregnancies and poverty.
Speaking in Choma on Tuesday during a ZANEC organised public forum on ‘Getting back to school Out of School Children (OOSC), Ms Manyonga said her organisation launched an advocacy aimed at encouraging parents and communities to take part in ensuring OOSC’s get back to school.
“Statistics indicate that rampant early marriages, child pregnancies, children starting school late and poverty has contributed to the high number of  OOSC’s and  this is why we have embarked on an advocacy and campaign strategy to get these children back to school,” Ms Manyonga said.
She said her organisation, which advocates for the promotion of quality education for all, is taking a multi-sectoral approach in promoting education especially for primary graders who drop out of school.

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