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Easter Sunday – a new beginning

CHRISTIANS the world over today are celebrating the resurrection of Christ.
It is known from the Bible that it has been three days since he died and today, he rises from the dead, back to life as was foretold in the scriptures.
Even Christ himself told his disciples and the Pharisees that he would die and rise on the third day, the holiday that has come to be known as Easter Sunday.
Just as it was a happy occasion for the disciples to see the risen Saviour, so it is for every Christian today.
The resurrection of Christ is an assurance of eternal life to anyone who believes in Christ.
And it is for this reason that resurrection matters today because everyone who believes knows that their belief is not in vain.
The Bible tells us that Christ came that we might have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10) and so the Christian faith would be nothing if Christ did not rise from the dead.
The fact that Christ rose from the dead forms the basis of this age-old belief, which many have embraced and they continue to do so even today.
The resurrection of Christ is evidence that He is the Son of God (Roman 1:4) and that indeed, he is God (John 8:48), the only one who cannot die.
Furthermore, the resurrection of Christ means that the Kingdom of Christ is presided over by a living Being.
Long after he had died, Jesus appeared to John on the Island of Patmos (Revelation 1:17-18). This, among other incidences, is a sure sign that Jesus is alive forever more.
The resurrection of Christ also shows that man can have forgiveness of sins. It marks a new beginning for anyone who believes in Christ (2 Corinthians 5: 17), despite the many heinous sins one has committed.
In view of Jesus’ resurrection, we can say there is a chance for anyone who will believe in Christ to start anew in their life.
As a nation, we need this new start because it guarantees us that we will also look at everything from a new perspective and approach issues with a conviction and a determination to serve our nation with commitment.
Our political landscape today is polarised and politicians cannot see eye to eye or sit down to a tea together as brother and sister.
We need this new start in our politics so that we embrace each other as brother and sister and collectively work to achieve the best for our nation.
We need this new start in our work places so that we are faithful servants who seek to do their best even when our bosses are not watching over us.
Husbands and wives need this new start so that they can be good couples and committed parents who seek only the best for their families.
Children are not excluded. They need a new start so they are obedient, honouring towards their parents and respectful to all.
Let us make this Easter Sunday a time to reflect on the meaning of Easter, like Minister of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumalili advised.
It is not a time to indulge or be involved in illicit activities. Let us believe in Christ and seek to have a new start in our lives and be better citizens of our nation.

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