East Point goes crazy for Dandy

DANDY Krazy.

LIVINGSTONE’s East Point last Saturday went wild when Dandy Krazy put up an exciting performance for his fans in the tourist capital.

The performance, which was characterised with song and dance, started slightly after 01:30 hours and took about two hours of non-stop performances of his old songs and some of the new songs from the new album that is yet to be launched in Lusaka next month.
Though some of the patrons tried to demoralise Dandy Krazy by screaming some derogatory remarks, such as that he is a finished artiste, Dandy let his performance answer his critics. If indeed he is finished, then it is with dignity. In any case, he attracted a fairly good audience.
Some of the songs that he performed include Look Into My Eyes, Wilalila, Pukunya, Mary Mafiga, My Lady, Baby Boo, Ndeisunsuntila, Nchololo and Dibili Dibili.
Dandy also took some time to offer some advice for his female funs.
“Ladies here must be serious with life and get married unlike just clubbing. Your clever friends are married because they are serious and not you who just want to be drinking and dancing in bars,” he said.
Who says that to his fans!
Dandy advised women to keep their natural beauty adding that men are not attracted to fake beauty.
He is just crazy.
Local artistes in the name of Xerox and Evaristo were also given an opportunity to share the stage with Dandy and also showcase their talent.

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