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East Coast Fever kills over 100 cattle

LUFWANYAMA district has recorded over 100 cattle deaths from suspected East Coast Fever disease from January to date.
Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU), however, says the disease has gone unreported for some time.

This is contained in ZNFU weekly brief. Suspected East Coast Fever has broken out in Lufwanyama district and so far, a farmer has lost more than seven cattle.

“From January to date, more than 105 cattle have died in suspected East Coast Fever…Farmers believe the outbreak of the disease is due to lack of adequate dip tanks in the district and illegal movements of cattle from one district to another,” the publication states.
ZNFU notes three dip tanks at Fungulwe, Chananda and another one in the eastern part of the district are all reported to be ‘white elephants’.
Meanwhile, ZNFU has expressed worry over the slow payments to farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
“Of the 3,970.05 tonnes of maize bought by FRA in Kasempa district as at 13th September, 2017, the agency has only paid 414.25 tonnes of maize.
“At the central depot, only two farmers have so far been paid. Total payments made were K497,000 thus representing 10.43 percent,” reports ZNFU.