Early marriages irk Chief Mabumba

CHIEF Mabumba of Mansa district in Luapula Province has called on Government to put in place mechanisms that would deter

young girls from engaging in early marriage.
Chief Mabumba said in Mansa recently that his chiefdom is adversely affected by the retrogressive vice of girls abandoning school in preference for marriage.
He said there is need to come up with a legislative framework to effectively combat the growing vice.
“There is no law to control this practice, especially in a rural set-up where it is not even wrong to marry off a girl who is of age. We need a punishable law to guide people so that they stop engaging in this practice,” he said.
Meanwhile, the chief is also concerned about some parents who are promoting early marriages because they are lazy to engage in productive income-generation ventures for their livelihoods.
He said men should take a leading role of providing for their families as opposed to leaving all the field work to their wives and children.
Chief Mabumba said it is such behaviours that are making the girl child vulnerable to succumb to sexual advances from men in search of good life.
“I have observed that sometimes, some parents pay much attention to alcohol other than hard work. This is bad because at the end of the day, the family will lack and children, especially the girl child, begin to look for support elsewhere,” he said.
Chief Mabumba urged parents to keep the girls in schools to enable them complete their education and contribute to national development.

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