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Early marriage a foe of fate: Ezeria narrates experience

EZERIA (right) breastfeeds one of the triplets

EZERIA Chitambo, 29, a resident of Kanyama Township, dropped out of school when she fell pregnant in grade nine in 2012.
Her childhood dream of becoming a teacher faced a stumbling block. She started cohabiting with a man against her father’s will.
She hoped that something fruitful would come out of the relationship as her boyfriend, Bernard Nkhata, 33, had promised her marriage.
“We stayed together for a while and all was well. I hoped that things would get better. Although we were struggling, he would provide for me and his child,” Ezeria says.
After a few months, Ezeria went back to her father’s house as Bernard started struggling to provide for her and the child.
Her father, Edward Chitambo, 79, cautioned her not to have anything to do with Bernard and she vowed that she would not.
He says he saw lack of responsibility in Bernard and was convinced that he would not look after his daughter.
“I talked to her and she promised that she was going to end her association with him,” Mr Chitambo says.
To his surprise, Ezeria was pregnant for the second time by the same forbidden man.
“I got upset and almost chased her from my house because she went against my advice. I did not like Bernard because of CLICK TO READ MORE

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