€2 million energy firm set up

AN ENERGY firm that aims to provide reliable and safer energy solutions to rural communities has been established in the country with an initial investment of €2 million.
EPower Zambia, which is part of EPower Holdings of South Africa and is being spearheaded by local entreprenuers, Maybin Mudenda and Alessandra Troielli, is expected to set up solar power inventors that will provide rechargeable batteries and reduce the cost of buying candles and ensure safety.
In an interview over the weekend, Mr Mudenda, who is also EPower managing director, said that one solar power inventor will provide batteries to between 500 and 1,000 households ,thus supplementing Government efforts of providing rural communities with reliable power supply.
The development will also reduce the cost of setting up on-the grid power stations, currently being undertaken by Government in a quest to enhance power supply to boost economic activities across the country.
“Epower is an off-the-grid project coming to Zambia and will provide rural communities with power. Households will buy a battery for K25 and the battery will last 18 hours and reduce on candles, which are not safe and expensive,” he said.
He said the first container with a power capacity of about 19,000 kilowatts is expected to be commissioned in Chisamba next month with more units expected to be rolled out in other parts of the country.
Mr Mudenda said the firm, which has enhanced power supply in rural communities of South Africa, remains committed to empowering vulnerable communities with safe and affordable alternative energy in Zambia.
He said the containers will also be used as business centres where commercial banks can install automated teller machines (ATMs).
Mr Mudenda also disclosed that an Angolan firm has expressed interest to acquire units from Zambia.

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