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PART of the Dundumwezi-Kalomo road earmarked for upgrade to climate-resilient standards. PICTURES: VIOLET MENGO

Dundumwezi MP hails Government for road project

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Dundumwezi member of Parliament (MP) Edgar Sing’ombe says people in his constituency are happy with Government for

embarking on the upgrading of the road leading to the area to bituminous standard.
Mr Sing’ombe said Government should also consider putting up more telecommunication towers to ease communication as the area only has one tower which only covers a radius of two kilometres.
He said putting up more telecommunication towers will ease communication among health care providers at clinics and hospitals.
“Right now we have a challenge. For someone to just make a phone call to the hospital for an ambulance, you have to struggle looking for network. We would be glad if we are considered since we heard that the Ministry of Transport and Communication will soon be putting up such towers across the country,” he said.
Mr Sing’ombe said more roads need to be worked on in the area and Kalomo as a whole.
“The roads are pathetic but we are happy that there is one that is being talked about. We have a bridge that is almost collapsing on the Bbilili Road and also the Chikanta-Kalomo central road is in a deplorable state,” he said.
He said Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale should help lobby Government to address various challenges facing the people of Kalomo district.
And Dr Hamukale said Dundumwezi will not be left out of the programme of installing telecommunication towers across the country.
He said Southern Province is among those areas that will benefit from the exercise that is scheduled to commence soon.