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DStv price reduction not impressive

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to air my disappointment with MultiChoice Zambia on their so-called real deal price reduction.

I normally pay for the compact bouquet, which was K321 and has now been reduced to K300 – this is K21 less.
What kind of reduction is this really? It actually sounds like a mockery.
The best step MultiChoice should have made was to simply announce the price reduction on the premium and compact plus bouquets, which are the only ones making sense as at now.
Starting from compact bouquet and below, it is simply a mockery.
DStv can do better than this seeing as it is the major pay television provider in Zambia.
I’m sure even without research, a good number of Zambians are currently subscribing to the compact bouquet, other than other pay television providers such as Top Star, GOTv and Kwese Tv.
I’m looking forward to seeing a reasonable reduction on all other bouquets as well as an improved service delivery.