Drunken LCC inspector suspended


A LUSAKA City Council (LCC) public health inspector allegedly conducting a lone inspection of erring bars in Kalingalinga township while drunk has been suspended.
Unknown to the officer identified as Ian Mwango is the fact that he was captured in a video that has since gone viral on social media. In the video, he is seen holding a bottle of alcohol and allegedly demanding free beers from bar owners.
To make his demands more ‘authentic’, the officer is also seen flashing his identity card with confidence.
LCC public relations manager Mulunda Habenzu said in an interview yesterday that the officer was suspended last week and given a few days to exculpate himself and appear before a disciplinary committee.
“The officer got his suspension letter last week Friday and is scheduled to appear before a disciplinary committee,” Mr Habenzu said.
And the Fire Brigade yesterday defended itself over how it handled the fire at Bible Society House last Wednesday, reports KAPALA CHISUNKA.
Fire Fighters Services Union of Zambia general secretary Clement Mulenga engaged in a ‘fire fight’ at a media briefing, tabulating the many challenges the fire brigade faces.
The fire brigade, which has only half of the required number of fire officers has come under heavy criticism over its failure to put out fires that have broken out in various parts of the city.
Mr Mulenga also took on the media over the negative reports portraying the firefighters in bad light.
“Negative reports have become the order of the day against the fire brigade every time there are emergencies. The media has not done much in bringing the fire brigade to the community. Mostly, the media reports that we turn out without water and that we are always late,” he said.
He said contrary to reports in some sections of the media, fire fighters worked tirelessly to save property at the Bible House.
“The Lusaka Fire Brigade was the first to respond and the last to leave the scene of the incident after extinguishing the fire. It is misleading that fire officers from the council failed to extinguish the fire and that the job was done by the Zambia Air Force,” Mr Mulenga said.

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