Drums roar at CHIEZA get-together

YOUNG artists under the Tutelage of Child Exposure in Zambian Arts Trust (CHIEZA) last week held a consultative get-together under the theme: ‘Programme and Partners Network Promo’.
The meeting at Senady Lodge brought together young performers, poets and stakeholders to review activities of 2016 and plan for the 2017 calendar.
And CHIEZA Trust executive director Gabriel Mbambala said the consultative get-together was also meant to create rapport between potential project partners and sponsors of arts education programmes in schools.
Mbambala said CHIEZA will continue to play its part in socialising children and young people in Zambia to their traditions and culture through drama.
The get-together event which also attracted school managers, was expected to start at about 18:00 hours, but could only start after 20:30 hours due to logistical hitches.
When the young artists took to the stage, they put up good and educative poetic performances, and in no time, managed to cheer up members of the audience whose morale was initially dampened by the delayed start of the show.
As the drums roared, songs reverberated across the auditorium, the young artists danced with passion, sending a message that children are important stakeholders in the preservation of local traditions and cultural heritage.
The young and upcoming artists started by dancing to Fukubala and Matyatya, before they returned on stage clad in red T-shirts to do a thought provoking poem entitled We are sick and tired of your manners.
Going by the title, the poem addresses the plight of orphans, street children, girl children and other vulnerable people in society.
They also advocated against social issues such as child defilement, incest, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, xenophobia, witchcraft and illiteracy among others.
They said all these issues are “bad manners” and should not be allowed to take root in society. The poem further prods citizens to strive to make Zambia a better country to live in.
After all was said and done, the artistes stated in the poem’s epilogue that: “We are sick and tired of society’s manners”, apparently prompting the audience to go home reflecting on their message.
In justifying their collaboration with adolescents, CHIEZA project manager Beatrice Manda said her organisation believes that children and young people have great potential to become agents of change in society
“The best way to develop a better world is to work with children and young people.
“We want all children regardless of race or creed to achieve their full potential, thus we have given ourselves a task to make this possible by providing practical steps through interactive arts mentorship.”

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