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Drug trafficker jailed 9 months

A 37-YEAR-OLD man of Kabwe has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment for trafficking in 5.3 grams of marijuana by the Kabwe Magistrate’s Court.
Kennedy Mumbi of house number 140 Makululu Township, in mitigation, told the court that poverty is what made him to start dealing in drugs.
Mumbi told the court that he is a married man with four children and that smoking marijuana helps him not to get sick.
Kabwe Magistrate Sebastian Mwenya jailed Mumbi after he pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking without lawful authority.
Facts presented by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officer Sikute Muliokela are that DEC officers received information on July 24, this year that Mumbi was dealing in drugs.
Ms Muliokela said DEC officers then went to his house where they found his wife Lucy Mumbi, 26, who informed them that her husband had run away from home.
Ms Muliokela said DEC officers then searched Mumbi’s house and found 19 packs of marijuana in a black plastic bag which was buried underground in the backyard.
Ms Muliokela told the court that Mumbi’s wife informed DEC officers that the marijuana belonged to her husband.
Ms Muliokela said the drugs were seized and sent to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where it was confirmed by a public analyst that they were a product of cannabis sativa.
Ms Muliokela said Mumbi was later found at his in-law’s house where he was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.
Mumbi on July 24, this year in Kabwe did traffic in 5.3 grams of marijuana a herbal product of cannabis sativa without lawful authority.
Mr Mwenya told Mumbi that he would exercise leniency on him as he is a first offender and sentenced him to nine months simple imprisonment.