Letter to the Editor

Drinks dealers exploiting customers

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your reputable column to query the abnormal prices of drinks.
Zambia Bottlers last week increased the price of a case of bottled drinks from K36.5 to K47. The increment translates into 29 percent.
This also means that a bottle is costing K1.96 to order.
Following this increment, I have seen very funny prices for bottled Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Pepsi products on the market.
I have seen these drinks pegged at K4 in Ndola’s Bwana Mkubwa area and K3.5 in the town centre.
For Kabwe Bus stop, I don’t know. It could be K6 by now.
A trader selling at K2.5 per bottle would still realise a reasonable profit of K13 per case. This translates into 28 percent profit.
What is important is the turnover one realises per day and not how much profit one ‘siphons’ from each bottle.
Many questions are still lingering in my mind.
Zambia Bottlers have standard prices written on their branded fridges and promotional adverts, but many dealers perpetually abrogate the recommended prices and sell the drinks at exorbitant prices thereby punishing the poor Zambian consumer.
Does Zambia Bottlers monitor and control its recommended prices?

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