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Drimz’s ‘Ama Dance Yamu Lolo’ goes down at braii


DRIMZ’S performance last Saturday took a rather unexpected twist when members of Suas Educational Development, an Irish-based organisation, almost took over his show with their unique dancing styles.
This was at the Rugby Club during the Zambia National Service (ZNS) Ladies Club Land Development branch braii that had attracted quite a sizeable crowd.
Drimz’s performance started on a low note because the musical equipment was affected by low electricity voltage causing the sound to be low.
Nonetheless, Drimz was determined to impress the audience. However, in the end, it is the white ladies belonging to Suas Educational Development who impressed with their dancing style.
Drimz had noticed about a dozen of them dancing in the audience, and he tactfully lured them to the stage as other members of the audience cheered them on.
Led by their development coordinator Sorcha Mellon, Drimz played ‘Dolosi’ and the ladies excitedly took turns dancing as though they had done some rehearsals with the ‘Ireen Mambilima’ singer.
At one point, they even dominated Drimz’s dance. He had started his performance with ‘Ama Dance Yamu Lolo’ in response to the demands of the revellers. Others shouted “Salt Muli Soup” after which he played ‘Mpaka Ubushiku’ and then the song that shot him to fame ‘Ireen Mambilima’.
In fact before singing ‘Mpaka Ubushiku’, he said it was his dedication to the lovers.
The other songs he played are ‘No Title’ and ‘Musungemushe’, a song in which he encourages people in relationships to be faithful to each other.
To compensate for earlier hitches brought about by low electricity voltage, Drimz repeated some songs when the sound output improved.
As he concluded his performance, Drimz said: “Thank you all of you for supporting my music, please also support other artistes.”
And later in an interview Mellon, who together with her team were in Kabwe for education programmes, appreciated Zambian music.
“We like Zambian music and we can dance a little bit,” she said.
Well, that is what ‘Ama Dance Yamu Lolo’ can do.

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