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Drimz performs for ruggers

FRIDAY January, 27 was Drimz’s first performance in his home town of Kabwe. He had no choice but to drop his best songs.
This he did during the Green Eagles Rugby team inaugural awards presentations ceremony at the Zambia National Services (ZNS) Rugby Club last Friday.
The Salt Muli Soup singer had an onerous task to add flavour to the sports event and that he did without fail.
A week before the event, Drimz had a similar task at the Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) annual ball at the Mulungushi University main campus in Kapiri Mposhi, alongside Macky II, his young brother Chef 187 and gospel sensation Nathan Nyirenda.
Each offloaded a cocktail of their popular songs but at the Kabwe event, Drimz was the main and solo performer.
Before deserving rugby players were handed prizes, guests were given a pleasant surprise that the Ireen Mambilima singer was in the house to stir their moods.
The last time Drimz performed at a ZNS event was on August 23 last year during the Zambia National Services Ladies Club braai where he proved that he is good at what he does.
Last Friday, he started his performance around 22:07 hours with Mpakafye Ubushiku which was received well by guests, especially women who were seen singing along and dancing from the comfort of their seats.
“Thank you very much for inviting me,” Drimz said before taking his performance to the higher level.
Guests had an up-close experience with Drimz at the sports event and from their reactions, they were thrilled by the artiste’s performance.
When the singer came to Ama Dance Yamu Lolo, the song proved infectious and pulled the guests from their seats to the dance floor.
Some of the guests really exuded Ama Dance Yamu Lolo, beating Drimz to it and how the artiste loved seeing them dance the way the did.
Drimz’s show is not complete without doing the Ireen Mambilima number, and this time around, he concluded business with the hit song, sending the guests agog.
Apparently, the show was just getting to the peak, when the curtains closed.