DRIMZ of a clean Zambia


AS THE country battles with the outbreak of cholera, which has claimed over 60 lives, DRIMZ, who released Umutende prior to the last general elections, is on board again to offer his voice in ending the epidemic.

The Kabwe-based singer has released a single titled Keep Zambia Clean, which is a call on the public to join hands in transforming Zambia into a clean and health nation.
“It is disheartening to see how our cities are looking. We need to embrace the culture of cleanliness,” says DRIMZ, who is expected to release his first album this year. “There will be no one who will come to clean our towns. It is ourselves who need to take up this challenge.”
DRIMZ, whose real name is Lota Mandevu, told the Weekend Mail that he does not only want to sing about love and entertainment but also on social issues such as cleanliness and health.
Interestingly, the Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy Campaign was launched on January 8, 2007 by former President Levy Mwanawasa. And on January 8, 2018, the Keep Zambia Clean song started receiving airplay.
That is 11 years since the launch of the campaign.
But with cholera being a sanitation problem, it means that not much has been done to keep environments clean in the last 11 years, if the numbers of cholera cases are anything to go by.
DRIMZ is encouraging the general public to keep a clean and healthy environment.
He also says a clean and healthy environment is one of the factors investors may consider when making a decision on whether to invest in a country or not.
And speaking about his new album, DRIMZ says it was originally scheduled for release in November but did not manage to do so because of other engagements.
“You know I miscalculated,” he says. “I thought I will manage to release the album in November last year, [but] I had many shows [and] this made me fail to release my album.”
However, DRIMZ says he is making finals touches to the album in readiness for release.

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