Dreams from Chimpempe


Young & Ambitious:
FOR Dennis Bwalya, a Grade 11 pupil at Chimpempe Secondary School in Kawambwa, Luapula Province, you do not need to over-emphasise the value of education.

“Education is important in one’s life, it is difficult for someone to survive if they don’t acquire an education,” Dennis says. “We all rely on education without which we can’t do much in life.”
Dennis aspires to become a medical doctor when he completes secondary school. He wants to help in saving people’s lives.
“I want to help patients and other people in need of medical help,” he says. “I also feel that I have the passion and I will deliver in the medical field.”
Born of parents who are both teachers, Dennis is hoping to change his family profile when he becomes the fifth person to complete secondary education in the family of 10.
“Once I become educated, I want to change the status of my family by helping my parents to pay school fees for my younger siblings,” he says. “I also want to lead by example and become a source of motivation to my younger siblings. I want to empower them so that I prevent poverty in our family.”
When he has free time, Dennis plays volleyball. His favourite subjects are civic education, biology and science.
“I study around 01:00 hours on a daily basis to improve my academic performance and also improve my memory,” says Dennis.
His dream is to visit the United States of America with the view of exploring that country’s advanced technology.
“I would love to visit the US because I like that country,” he says. “My encouragement to young people is that they should work hard and avoid bad company because it can destroy their future.”

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