DRC’s Kabosé expected for shows

KABOSE with his dancing queens.

DEMOCRATIC Republic of Congo (DRC) musician Kabosé Bulembi is expected in the country next week for a series of shows which will take to Africana Fiesta in Mazabuka and G Greens as well as Fairview Hotel in Lusaka.
Kabose, who is not new in Zambia having previously played here with General Defao and Werrason, will start with the Africana Fiesta in Mazabuka next Tuesday before making his way to G Greens on Tokyo Road on Friday and finally Fairview Hotel on Saturday.
“This is one of the most happening musicians in Kinshasa right now. One of the biggest right now. He was here previously with Defao and Werrason, but now he has formed his own band. People have been dancing to his music here, but they don’t know who’s behind the music,” the promoter Nawa Muyatwa told the Weekend Mail in Lusaka.
“We want all the women of Mazabuka to come out on Tuesday, which is International Women’s Day to come and enjoy the zakala aah dance. This will be a big concert, so our ladies and mothers should come out and watch Kabose and his band.
“We’ll also have the Green Labels, which is one of the most experienced local bands in Zambia. The band is ready for the show. In fact, this is like Zambia versus Congo DR because the Zambian band is also saying we can play proper music.”
After the exertions at African Fiesta and G Greens on Tokyo Road, which is one of the most talked about entertainment spots lately, Kabose and his band as well as the Green Labels and one or two other local artistes, will be expected to perform at the Fairview Hotel in a show that will start at 12:00 hours until around 19:00 hours.
“We want all the students, not just those at Fairview, but all the students to come and enjoy this show which will be on Youth Day,” Nawa said.
“People will be surprised with what they will see. This is his third coming here. But that time, he came with other musicians, now he’s coming as the leader of his own group. People should come and see what a good show it will be.”
Indeed, Kabosé is one of many solo artistes to have trained in various bands before deciding to leave for a solo career. He started singing after being recruited into Defao’s band Les Big Stars and contributed to albums such as Amour interdit with the song Radio trottoir.
He then continued his career with Bozi Boziana’s Anti-Choc until 2001 when he joined Wenge Musica Maison Mere and sung on a number of albums before leaving to embark on a solo career in 2006.
And since then, he has remained an ever-present figure on the Congolese music circuit.

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