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‘Dr’ Musonda seeks to promote healthy living

HE walks three kilometres to school every morning in pursuit of his dream of becoming a doctor.
Bernard Musonda, 19, a Grade 11 pupil at Museka Secondary School in Chiengi district of Luapula Province, wants to help save lives.

“Becoming a doctor has been my childhood dream. I want to contribute to the provision of medical services to help save lives and promote a healthy lifestyle of our people,” he said.
Musonda also wants to contribute to transforming people’s mentality in relation to the importance of regular medical check-ups.
The first-born in a family of eight, Musonda wants to break the shackles of poverty in his family to improve their quality of life.
“My parents depend on fishing to pay for my school fees and I want to change that situation. I want to change this situation once I become educated.
“I also want to ensure that I sponsor my younger siblings to school so that we can improve the status of our family,” he said. His favourite subjects at school are mathematics, biology and chemistry.
Musonda, who is the headboy, works very hard at school knowing that the road to success is not an easy one.
He believes that nothing is impossible in life if someone can work hard and believe in their capabilities.
Musonda said young people must concentrate on their studies and avoid vices because they have a negative impact on their well-being.
“I urge my fellow pupils to be focused in life and aim higher if they are to achieve their dreams and aspirations.
Young people must also put God first in their life endeavours and respect their parents if they are to succeed,” he said with a smile.