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Dorika to go into ‘gospel’ comedy

STAND-UP comedian Bob Nkosha popularly known as Dorika on stage says he is contemplating going into ‘gospel’ comedy as a result of increased number of musicians who are taking up gospel music.
Nkosha said it is time to think other-wise and consider doing ‘gospel’ comedy in line with the current wind of change in the art industry.
“I am looking forward to taking up gospel comedy. I have seen a number of our colleagues in the music industry going into gospel from secular songs. This is the reason I’m contemplating going into gospel comedy, too,” he said jokingly.
He was speaking last Saturday during a show at Borrowdale Inn in Chingola central suburbs about one kilometre from the central business district.
Nkosha, who started the show around 21:00 hours, cracked jokes much to the amusement of the revellers.
The show gained momentum after he took a break and came back as Zambia’s number one Diva: Dorika.
She was dressed in a purple top and black skirt with yellow strip on the end and put on dotted puller socks with beige boots.
Dorika’s coming on stage brought more life to the audience who laughed their lungs out at each joke cracked in the fully packed conference hall.
She vowed never to get ‘married’ to a man who drives a Toyota Funcargo much to the cheerfulness of the Chingola dwellers.
The frustrated Dorika said the total cost for the importation of a Toyota Funcargo is the cost of ‘her’ boots.
“Ama boots yandi yamutengo ukucila ka Funcargo ala,…loosely translated as “my boots cost more than a Funcargo car’,” she said.
The Chingola residents were thrown into a frenzy as they laughed their lungs out.
Dorika, who has made Borrowdale Inn her hot spot was once a resident of Chingola and was recognised by ‘her friends’ whom she said used to call her Dorido.
True to Dorika’s words, she is popular in Chingola and not a moment passed without fans from Kitwe and Luanshya calling on her to pass through their tables.
It was after mid night as Dorika said goodbye and received resistance to the revellers who wanted her to continue with the show.
The people were still longing for more comedy likely to be mixed with gospel jokes in her forthcoming shows.
During the 30 minutes break, upcoming Chingola musician Starface took to the stage and did what he knows better in style unleashing some of his hit songs from his new album, Mpakakumanda and Chilamuntu Nechiwa Cakwe, currently enjoying air play on radio stations.