Letter to the Editor

‘Dorika’ could be a global brand

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA should learn to take its talent to other parts of the world.

Personally, I feel Bob Nkosha could be an instant hit if focused efforts were spent on selling his comedy.
The man is funny and creative. He gets you glued to the TV and really drives your adrenaline high. Bob is a marvel to watch.
I have no doubt comedy lovers, be it in the USA, Britain or Australia, would love him, particularly if acting could be done in English to capture a global audience.
Zambians living in the diaspora and our embassies can play a great role in internationalising ‘Dorika’ and Bob by inviting them to perform at Zambian events and connecting them with comedy promoters in these countries.
Choosing between some renowned foreign comedians and Bob Nkosha, I would definitely go for Bob, not because he is Zambian, but due to the fact that his performances are magnetising.

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