Dope G irie on ‘Flowers’

AFTER experimenting with mixtapes, which could have as well passed for albums in 2007 and 2010, Dope G, a former member of the award-winning alternative hip hop group Zone Fam, has finally released his debut solo album that he has titled Flowers.

He is gladly explaining what the album title is all about.
“It is centred on life’s cycles in comparison to a human being, being a plant. So we are planted as seeds in wombs, birth is germination and as we grow and produce flowers in readiness to produce seeds of our own, we are the most vibrant and have the potential to do amazing things and I believe this is where most youths are right now,” Dope G says.
“I commenced work on it in late 2015 and I had the privilege of working with Zambian talents who I am a fan of despite them being colleagues. I have Roberto, Willz, Kaladoshas, Chef 187 and Wezi among others on the album.
“The intro is with my former group mate Tim who is now doing gospel and the first thing we do on the album is thank the lord for this life.”
Dope G says the album is a bit different from what is currently coming out of local artistes.
In fact, he calls it risky.
“It was a very risky album because we are at a time when most of the mainstream Zambian songs are targeted at the nightclubs and are very dance-able but I came and made music which is meant to be the soundtrack to your daily life which I picture people playing in cars or on their bus rides to school or just at home as they do their cleaning,” he says.
Dope G is the alter ego of Sam Sakala, who describes himself as very shy, introverted and very calculated where risk taking is concerned. However, Dope G stands as the total opposite.
“Sam Sakala was born in the late eighties and was raised by a single mother. My nanny was fired when I was just around 4/5 years old so when my mother would work long hours, all I had was the radio and eventually a black and white TV to keep me company,” he says.
“I guess it was through these extensive hours I spent taking in all this media content that an artist was born in me.”
Dope G started recording music in early 2006 which was just months after completing his secondary education. But it was being done at hobby level as he awaited his General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examination results.
“When my results were out and I decided to pursue an accounting degree, I thought the desire to do music could fade away but somehow the voice in my head got louder and louder saying this was the direction that I should take,” he G says.
In late 2009, Dope G made the conscious decision to drop out of college to pursue a music career and this was right around the time they formed Zone Fam.
His solo debut album is available in all BBC ONE stores which are located at all major malls across the country and can also be accessed online an all digital music stores including iTunes and MTN Play locally.
“With the shift in technology, we are hoping the fans will warm up to the idea of purchasing music again as this is a sure way to help artistes get bigger and get the country the much needed attention that it deserves on the continent,” he says.


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