Don’t tolerate violence in marriage – First Lady

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu talks to newlyweds Mateyo Nkhuwa and Chibuye Chola at their wedding reception in Lusaka on Saturday night. The bride, Chibuye, is the daughter of Twangale Park proprietor Justine Chola while the groom is the son of Minister of Works and Supply Matthew Nkhuwa. PICTURE: THOMAS NSAMA

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu says gender-based violence among couples should never be tolerated because it is a threat on the institution of marriage.

Mrs Lungu said people in abusive marriages should not condone physical abuse from their spouses in the name of perseverance and love.
She was speaking on Saturday night when she officiated at a wedding ceremony for Minister of Works and Supply Mathews Nkhuwa’s son, Mateyo, who married Chibuye Chola, a lawyer.

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