Don’t demonise hard workers – Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu greets Senior Chief Kasempa of the Kaonde in Kasama yesterday. PICTURE: SHABBY MULOPWE/ZANIS

PRESIDENT Lungu has cautioned lazy Patriotic Front (PF) members country-wide against demonising fellow supporters who are working hard to drive

Government’s agenda of improving the welfare of citizens.
Speaking on arrival at Kasama Airport yesterday, President Lungu said it is disappointing that some party members are preoccupied with pulling each other down at the expense of serving the people.
Mr Lungu said there is need for all members to be selfless and disciplined and respect the people who gave PF the mandate to preside over the country’s affairs.
“No-one is more special than the rest.  We are all equal. It’s just a privilege to serve. Those in the central committee who think you are special, take heed.
“Some demonise others for working hard, just work hard. Those who belong to me should be selfless and work for the people,” President Lungu said.
The President said he remains committed to upholding the PF’s core governance principle of putting the interests of the people first through speedy and effective implementation of pro-poor policies.
“We will continue being close to the people who have given us favour to be here. You are the people with power,” Mr Lungu said.
The head of State also cautioned Kasama residents to be wary of politicians who only resurface to solicit for votes during election campaigns.
Meanwhile, President Lungu says the reduction in the monetary policy rate by the Bank of Zambia has not come by accident but is due to the measures Government has put in place to improve the country’s economy.
On Thursday, the central bank announced the reduction of the monetary policy rate from 12.5 percent to 11 percent, which President Lungu says is a sign that “things are working”.
“The reduction of the monetary policy rate means that things are working. When we reduce the price of mealie-meal, it’s not by dictation from above; when the price of fuel went down, it was not by dictation from above. When the exchange rate went down, it was not by dictation from above, but by the fundamentals,” he said.
The head of State was speaking to journalists at City Airport in Lusaka shortly before he left for Northern Province for a two-day working visit.
“These things are a result of the measures put in place, but no-one is talking. But when things go wrong one day, eh Lungu this, PF this. The bottom line is that people should be objective,” President Lungu said.

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