Letter to the Editor

Don’t complain for your failures

Dear editor,
I write to urge all the political parties and indeed stakeholders worth their salt to always stop crying foul after failing to submit to Government’s processes when given an opportunity.

The reported failure and laxity by various political parties and stake holders to make submissions to the Public Order Act makes a sad reading.

These are the same people who most times are fond of crying foul and blame Government for enacting bills that they do not agree to.
Why then not make your views known to Government so that the much talked about Public Order Act is passed according to your desire.
Government will always amend bills as submitted to it by the majority stakeholders when the submission process closes.
Most political parties have continued crying foul over the current public order Act bill and one wonders then why they are not coming forth to submit their views so that Government can get the general and overall consensus of what the majority need.
These are the same political parties that even campaigned to shoot down the referendum in the August 2016 general election, the bill which had more rights to protect them.
Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has raised his uttermost concern over the laxity most political parties and/or stakeholders have shown towards this process.
Not too long ago, some political parties have been complaining and are actually still complaining of the amended Republican Constitution.
Yet when President Lungu was asked to sign it into the Supreme Law of the Land, he categorically asked if they had actually read the whole document and were agreeable to its contents, to which they accepted.
What turned out, however, when he signed it into Law is in every body’s public domain; complaints all over the place labeling it to have a lot of lacuna.
So please get serious and make your submissions so that you do not blame Government.
Wisdom Muyunda


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