Letter to the Editor

Don’t adopt absent, inept MPs in 2021 elections

Dear editor,
THE Members of Parliament (MPs) with the exception of a few nominated by the Head of State were elected during the 2016 general elections.
Some of these lawmakers are from the ruling party while others are from the opposition.
Prior to the 2016 general elections and during the campaigns, they pledged quite a number of developmental projects.
They campaigned tirelessly to ensure that they garnered the majority votes and consequently were elected as lawmakers in their respective constituencies.
After being voted into office, some of these lawmakers stopped visiting their constituencies and failed to deliver the campaign promises.
They are now absent MPs and they have proved to be inept leaders. This is very unfortunate as a matter of fact.
Our MPs should not forget that the 2021 general elections are just around the corner.
They will come back to us to lobby for votes. We the electorate know these absent lawmakers in our respective constituencies.
My free, simple and timely advice to various political parties is that these absent and non-performing MPs should not be adopted.
This is because they have lamentably failed to deliver development and they are a letdown who don’t mean well for the people.

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