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‘Dolly Parton’ in Ndola court

A 25-YEAR-OLD businessman of Mbuli village in Ndola on Monday stunned the Ndola Magistrate’s Court when he said his name is Dolly Parton.
This is in a case in which Button Makunka is charged with threatening violence.
When the matter came up for plea, Makunka told magistrate Bubala Sikalunda that he would use English in court but he later changed his mind and opted to use a combination of Bemba and English.
“I am Dolly Parton, your honour. That’s my name and you can call me as such,” Makunka said.
It is alleged that Makunka, on August 13 this year in Ndola, whilst armed with knives, threatened Oshiya Kashimba with injury to his person.
Ms Sikalunda, however, could not proceed with plea because Makunka exhibited strange behaviour.
She ordered that Makunka be taken for medical examination to ascertain whether he is fit to take plea and to make a reasonable defence.
“The court notices that accused’s behaviour is strange, hence it has ordered for  a medical examination to assess whether he is able or fit to take plea or make a reasonable defence,” Ms Sikalunda said.
He adjourned the case to September 1, for submission of a medical report.