Doctors recognise Danny Kaya


DANNY Kaya, one of the bright lights since the so-called renaissance of Zambian music towards the turn of the millennium, has been honoured with a recognition award by the Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) for his contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS through music.

Danny told the Weekend Mail that he is humbled but also happy to know that the medical field appreciates his work.
“I never saw this coming,” he said. “To be recognised and awarded by the ZMA because of the influence my music has had in the fight against HIV and AIDS, means a lot to me. We shall continue the fight.”
Danny says HIV/AIDS awareness cannot be ignored especially by any socially conscious musician as it has had a very devastating impact on the socio-economic life of many Zambians.
“Most of the people listen to my music and through this music I at least spread the message on HIV and AIDS,” he says.
“AIDS has contributed to the poverty in the country because it takes away people that can develop the country; we have seen that most of the youths are affected with this disease today.”
Danny has songs like Kaya, Joni, Live and the recent hit titled Naina Manje, which are all health and edutainment songs.
But he has come a long way.
Now in music for over 10 years, he first debuted with the album Mvelani, which was popularised by the songs Masiku Onse featuring JK and Big Up on which he paid tribute to local musicians who were at the vanguard of the renaissance.
He followed it up with the album, Ama Lovingí, which had songs like My Jane, Takwakabe, Chikondi Chako Julie and Niza Chita Bwanji.
Thereafter, he released Yakumbuyo, one of the most comprehensive albums in recent times, perhaps only comparable to the likes of JK’s self-titled debut album and K’Millian’s Another Day.
The hits kept coming; Live, Champion, Ka Last, Chinibaba, Vilibe Nchito, Ifya Konka Onka, Protecting What is Mine, Bambikile Umuti, As Long As, 0 Minutes, Maybe Its 4 the Beta, Could I Be?, and We’ll Miss You among many others.
You have not certainly heard the last of Danny.

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