Do not invest in the permanence of the youth

NATHAN Mulenga.

WHEN I first leant about the concept of the “Magis Experience” from Father Kelly Michelo of St Ignatius Parish in Lusaka and those that were with him, I could not help but appreciate the initiative and the good intentions of the programme.The programme is purely aimed at making Zambia a better place for all by making the youths take responsibility for their own destiny and ultimately the destiny of our country.
The “Magis Experience” is founded on three pillars: spirituality, companionship and service to mankind.
These three pillars touch basically on the entire existence of humanity and, therefore, they resonate well with what we all believe in as people of faith.
We all need to be spiritually strong by constantly sharing the Word of God.
We all need companionship, and by this I mean that we need to surround ourselves with people who will not only mentor and nurture us but people who will also give us hope that, as human beings, we are able to achieve anything as long as we commit to it.
Thirdly, when we talk of service to mankind, we need to understand that each one of us exists for the other and therefore we need to render a helping hand to one another without expecting anything in return.
It is only when we learn to live by these pillars that this world will be a good place for all of us.
I am aware for instance, that the youths, especially those that have nothing to do the world over, are the targets of dangerous elements that would want to lure them into the underworld to commit crimes and atrocities detrimental to mankind.
It is therefore important for individuals and organisations to support groups like “Magis Experience” that are formed to mentor and nurture our young ones into becoming productive citizens if they are to stay away from the temptations of the world.
We should always remember that a nation shall only be as good as the investment and time that goes towards the development of skills and talents of its youths.
I, therefore encouraging everyone to continue mentoring others by sharing personal experiences based on the three pillars on which the Magis are founded, which may have had a positive impact on your life.
A life experience shared is much more than gold or silver kept in a safe.
To the Magis, do not invest in the permanence of the youth, that is a fallacy.
Invest in the permanence of the transition.
We are all in transit and each stage of our life is a station only to remain for a while and move on, without the decision of our free will.
It is therefore important that the youth should stand ready to take over the leadership of this country knowing that we the adults are gravitating towards exit from the face of the earth into eternity.
The future of this country will soon slip into your hands.
The works of the Magis, gives me comfort and confidence that the country will be left in capable and responsible hands.
The author is Zambia National Service commandant.

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