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Do Kwamwena, Ndeke-Vorna Valley residents want free water?

Dear editor,
LET me admit that I read the complaint by a resident of Kwamwena, or is it Ndeke-Vorna Valley, with shock.
It appears he wants free water or to be the one to determine how much he should pay for water irrespective of the meter readings.
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) cannot provide water free of charge because of the many overhead costs in producing water.
The fact that the water reticulation system was funded by Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCAZ) does not mean that the service is free because even Americans pay for water in their country. Secondly, I find it strange that the concerned reader probably pays for all other services but expects water to be free.
We produce water at a cost irrespective of the source of the infrastructure we are using. We have a duty to produce water and supply, and you as our customer retains a duty to pay for the service.
Note that the areas in Kabulonga and others you mentioned equally pay for water and, depending on their usage, some pay higher than the K250 you are complaining about.
All the three areas are metered and the charge is based on your consumption and not because you are in Ndeke or Vorna Valley. Please support LWSC for us to serve you better. Join the other residents who are paying diligently because they realise that every service comes at a cost.
In terms of the cost, be advised that the K250 you are complaining about comes to K8 per day, which is much lower than the amounts people in peri-urban areas are spending on the service.
We have no reason to isolate your area and give you higher bills. I wish to invite you, Mr Concerned citizen, to come and meet me at Head Office so that I take you through the system for you to understand the billing in relation to average consumption.
LWSC Manager Marketing and Public Relations

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