DMMU urged to send relief food

THE Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has been urged to send relief to 377 households in Chama district that were affected by floods.
Chama district commissioner Leonard Ngoma said the area experienced a heavy downpour two months ago leading to the collapse of some houses while some crops were washed away.
The calamity prompted Government to distribute roofing sheets to the affected families to help them rebuild their houses.
Mr Ngoma said in an interview that the floods have also posed a threat on food security in the district as some crops were washed away.
“The floods we experienced are going to have an effect on our food security and it is for this reason that we have engaged DMMU to help us by sending relief maize to the affected families,” he said.
He said the agriculture department is currently assessing the extent of damage to the crop yield to establish the

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